10 Reasons why you're ready to Graduate Nursing School

Ever feel so defeated at the crack of dawn when it time to get out of bed and throw on that uniform you oh, so despise. Trust me, we feel your pain! Here are a few things we all share as nursing students.


Not knowing what's in store, and everyone wishes you luck...


You've went over your first syllabus, and realize what you have in store for you...

First day of nursing school


You want to take me out on a date? Talk to me in about 18 months...

got time for that


I'm sorry, are we in Pharmacy school, or Nursing School? I'm confused.

memorize pharmacology


Do you REALLY want to know how Nursing School is going?

how's nursing school

We all have that classmate  *Rolls Eyes*

raises hand


Thank you to everyone who made this possible


Late to class? Oh you cant take the exam...

studied for days


Then when you do finally take the exam


Only a few more months and I can join "Real Life"


Have any more of your personal reasons why you hate nursing school and are ready to graduate? Share with us below.

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